About KCSL

Welcome To Kerala Catholic Students League

The Kerala Catholic Students League is a training forum for Catholic Students in Schools. Inspired formation of its members as faithful christians and loyal citizens under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference. It functions under the education commission of the KCBC and the CBCI. Although the membership is restricted to catolics, its services are extended to all irrespective of caste and creed, and its cooperates with all men of good will. KCSL stands unique in many respects, viz., it is the first student organization in the world. It is an association whose founders are students. It is a league of leaders and friends from students, teachers, priests and eminent members of society. It is an association for the students but it awards a teacher annually based on a statewise selection.



Cells and Diocesan units are free to organise group activities once in a week in the sprit of KCSL Constitution. Some of them are prayer groups, Bible study forums, active participation in Holy mass and Holy communion, maintenance of Christian school atmosphere etc to reinforce FAITH.


Weekly study circle , study of encyclicals and ecclesiastical documents, regular study habits, participation in quiz clubs, debating clubs speakers’ forum, literary training forum, publication of manuscript magazines, Gospel enquiry and social enquiry forums etc. to develop STUDY habits.


Unselfish service to help the poor people by way of help in study, supply of dress, books, medicine etc. maintain discipline use of library facilities, environmental cleanliness and group activities organizing social service/work camps, leadership training, helping the needy in natural calamities.